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   CNH Grade 8 Math SBAC Testing
   May 23 2016
   GHR SBAC Testing Math
   May 25 2016
   CNH Band
   May 25 2016 at 07:00 PM
   GHR SBAC Testing Math
   May 26 2016
   GHR Homework Club
   May 26 2016 at 03:30 PM
  May 2016  
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Mission Statement

The Coventry Public Schools will prepare every student for life, learning and work in the 21st century.


Currently, the last day of school is Friday, June 10.

Coventry Grammar School is pleased to announce Kindergarten Registration for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please click the link below to register your student.

Kindergarten Registration Link 

Welcome to the Coventry Grammar School website! We are honored to have the opportunity to educate your children as they begin their learning process with us. We all look back at our own schooling and recall special memories.  Whether it is a friendship that was developed, a special book that was read or participation in a school event, these past experiences remind us of occasions that were significant in our own early education.  To that end, our goal at Coventry Grammar School is to create a learning environment that fosters positive memories for our current students. It is this opportunity to inspire our students that stokes our passion for education.


Latest Coventry Information

An important part of your child’s experience is your involvement at C.G.S. We believe that building a partnership between home and school is essential and we encourage you to be an active participant. This can take many forms; for example, let me invite you to join the PTO, to volunteer in your child’s class and to read the newsletters describing the happenings at Coventry Grammar School. We want to partner with you and we welcome your emails, phone calls, or other correspondence to let us know of any celebrations, accomplishments or concerns that you have about your child. Throughout the school year, there will be many different occasions to learn more about your child’s education.

This school website should provide you with answers to questions that parents frequently have. If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to contact any member of our school staff.

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The Coventry Public Schools Safe School Climate Plan was approved by the Board of Education. Click here for the full Safe School Climate Plan

Statement of Equal Opportunity in Employment and Education (Non-Discrimination):

The Coventry Public Schools is committed to a policy of equal opportunity for all qualified persons, except in the case of a bona fide occupational qualification or as otherwise permitted or required by law. The Coventry Public Schools does not discriminate in any educational or vocational program, activity, employment or promotional opportunities on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, disability (including pregnancy), age, religion, marital status, genetic information, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, or any other basis prohibited by Connecticut state and/or federal nondiscrimination laws. Inquiries regarding the Coventry Public School’s non-discrimination policies should be directed to the Director of Pupil and Staff Support Services/Title IX Coordinator, Coventry Public Schools, 1700 Main Street, Coventry, CT 06238, 860.742.7317 ext. 4.